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A week ago I found out that the National Democratic Party, once again, changed the rules to fit their agenda.

They changed the requirements allowing Mike Bloomberg to participate in the debate. These rules are the very same rules that kept candidates like Tulsi Gabert, Corry Booker, Harris and so many others off the debate stage.

In 2016 several class-action lawsuits against the DNC were launched. It boiled down to the DNC claiming in court that because they were a private organization, they could change the rules at will and any promises made to voters could be discarded at any time. My experience at my first petition-signing brought back memories of 2016. People who should have remained neutral were not. Moreover, none of the candidates, despite promises to the contrary, were progressives.

As I went through our district collecting signatures I realized that we desperately needed a progressive and our people were open to electing one.

It was too late to change my party to Independent so I did some soul searching, did not turn in my signatures, and decided to run a write-in campaign.

Change is difficult for us humans but we must be brave.

The need for programs that address climate change, justice for all, education, and healthcare are well past halfway measures. We can not settle for affordable health care, We need Medicare-for-all. These programs affect both Democrat and Republican families and we must vote in persons willing to fight for programs that will change our broken system and benefit everybody regardless of party.

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